Scholarships For Women - Grants For Women All About Getting Women The Funding They Need Thu, 08 Aug 2013 05:50:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 College Scholarships and Grants for Women Thu, 11 Jul 2013 20:22:54 +0000 Women who are looking for ways to fund an undergraduate or graduate education often seek out scholarships and grants. Most often, the terms scholarship and grant are used to refer to the same thing. Grants are offered for more than just education, while scholarships most often specifically refer to undergraduate or graduate education. The amount of the awards vary depending on the scholarship or grant. The benefit of scholarships and grants is that they do not have to be paid back as long as the funds are used for the awarded purpose. On this site we focus strictly on scholarships for women.

Many organizations and businesses award grants and scholarships to specific demographic groups in an effort to promote and enhance the opportunities of an underrepresented minority or other group in education. According to most reports, women are often at some disadvantage in comparison to other groups, particularly financially. Women for example, make only 77 cents on the dollar in comparison to men, and the majority of single parent households are headed by women. Scholarships and grants that are awarded to women are intended to provide women with the resources to overcome these disadvantages and pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree, certificate program, or vocational training.

Sources of Scholarships and Grants For Women

There are many federal agencies that provide grants for women, including the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency. The National Science Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts also award grants. In addition to federal grants, state and local grants are also available for women.

Employees of companies and organizations, along with their families, are also sources to look into for education funding. Businesses and agencies often have private scholarships that are given to employees, family, and sponsors of employees. Some organizations and professional associations offer scholarships and grants to women who are looking to enter a similar field.

Requirements for Scholarship and Grant Awards

Requirements for grant and scholarships applications vary, and applicants should carefully review what qualifications and submission materials are needed. Many scholarship and grant applications require the submission of an essay, for example, which is designed to gauge the applicant’s interest and purpose in pursuing a career in a specific field or reasons for attending a higher learning institution.

Letters of recommendation are common requirements, and applicants for scholarships for continuing education with at least one year of school already completed will also submit transcripts. Women graduating from high school and directly entering postsecondary education will also typically submit high school transcripts.

Many scholarships are also offered for women pursuing a specific course of study, such as nursing or technology. Additionally, financial need and motherhood are often requirements for some awards, and proof of income and assets is typically required.

Some Specific Scholarships and Grants For Women

There are thousands of possible grants and scholarships for women looking to further their educations. Some examples representing the various types of scholarships and grants that are available to women are listed below with eligibility requirements and award amounts when applicable. For additional information on receiving these awards, an excellent resource is through the financial aid office at a current or prospective institution.

International Federation of University Women’s Fellowships and Grants

These grants are given by the IFUW and affiliates in order to allow women to return to school and reach their academic goals, and it is designed to help women gain access to education in order to develop leadership skills and abilities to bring back to the community. The amount of the grant varies.

Raise the Nation Grant

This grant is given to women who are single parents and are either trying to repay already incurred student loans or for continuing their education. The amount of the grant varies based on a variety of factors.

Google Anita Borg Scholarship

Awarded by Google in amounts between $1,000 and $10,000, this scholarship is designated for women who are pursuing careers in technology and computers, and also for those who are leaders and role models within their communities.

The ARFORA Undergraduate Scholarship for Women

Two of these scholarships for $1,000 are offered each year for women pursuing an undergraduate degree and who are members of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. There are additional requirements for this scholarship, including completion of one year of undergraduate education before applying.

M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship for Women in Physics

Up to $45,000 each year is awarded for the M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship for Women in Physics for women who interrupted their careers in physics research due to family obligations or issues. Both residents of Canada and the United States are eligible for this scholarship

Visionary Integration Professionals Women in Technology Scholarship

This scholarship offers multiple women who are accepted or enrolled in either a two-year or a four-year college or university up to $2,500. Candidates for consideration will major in an information technology program or a related field. The essay portion of the application requires women to detail what types of possible solutions they would like to implement for information technology problems. A variety of factors are considered, from academic achievement to community service and activities.

Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarships

For low-income women who are 35 years old and over, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation offers scholarships for women working toward a technical or vocational associate’s degree or their first bachelor’s degree.

Technical Women’s Organization Scholarship

The Technical Women’s Organization awards five scholarships each year; four of these scholarships are given to Federal Aviation Administration employees or family members, and one is given to a sponsored recipient who is not an FAA employee or family. The scholarship is intended to assist a woman looking to advance education in a technical-related discipline.

For women who are getting started, continuing, or going back to school in order to further their educations, there are many opportunities and possibilities for help to achieve every dream that starts with a college degree or career training. By targeting your search for financial aid dollars, you can apply for scholarships for women, and that means that half of the world’s population isn’t eligible. When you look at it like that it’s kind of fun huh? 

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Scholarships For Black Women Wed, 10 Jul 2013 22:25:47 +0000 Scholarships for college are available through public and private agencies. Based on the sponsor’s requirements, some people may be eligible to apply for more than one type. Consequently, when students are searching for applicable scholarships, they should look for ones that are designed for specifically them. For instance, there are a wide variety of different scholarships that are targeted toward black women. Here’s a list of some of the most common.

Scholarships for Single Black Women

Single black women who want to attend college may have multiple challenges. One of which is going back to school after becoming a parent. As a result, these women will need the financing for their college tuition and money to pay for child care while they are attending school. Fortunately, there are scholarships for black women that fit these situations. In fact, some of these scholarships have enough funds included to pay the tuition and child care expenses. The eligibility requirements for these kinds of scholarships can vary greatly from one sponsor to another. So, it is important for each student to review the requirements closely for their specific circumstances.

MBA Scholarships for Black Women

Completing a bachelors degree is the goal for most students. However, there are some black women who want to continue their education after they have completed their undergraduate program. In some cases, this goal may be hard to accomplish because they may need additional financial assistance to pay for their tuition and other expenses. This is why some scholarship sponsors are awarding amounts of !,000 to 15,000 to meet the need in these situations. Therefore, for those who meet requirements like demonstration of leadership skills, specific GPA scores and the like are also given an opportunity to apply and receive MBA scholarships. These types of scholarships are excellent opportunities for black women who want to pursue positions like management in some of the most prestigious firms in the nation and abroad.

Full Scholarships for Black Women

Some black women may have earned a portion of the financing for their college education but they may not have enough to complete the degree. On the other hand, there are some black women who do not have any savings for college and they need a full scholarship to pay for their tuition, housing and other related expenses. Fortunately, there are also scholarships that meet this specific criterion and they are targeted toward black women who need the full-tuition. Subsequently, this group may want to start their search online and in their local schools for more information about full scholarships that have been designed specifically for black women. If these students cannot find scholarships awards online, they may want to talk to advisers in high school and college campuses. In general, some counselors are well-versed in finding different types of scholarships for students who want to attend college after high school graduation.

Aviation Scholarships for Black Women, Scholarship for Black Women Over the Age of 40, Scholarships for Black Women in Nursing, Scholarships for Black Women in Science, Scholarships for Black Women in Business are all on the list of scholarships for black women. This list is normally a long since there are many sponsors that want to provide opportunities to those who are interested in continuing their education. Without these sponsors, some women would not have the opportunity to attend a college or a university. Although there are government and private loans available, these loans are not easy to pay back. So, these scholarships can help to provide black women with free money so that they can complete their degree, while also staying out of debt.

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Scholarships For Hispanic Women Wed, 10 Jul 2013 07:58:01 +0000 Hispanic women have a number of options open to them when it comes to scholarships. The following is a list of scholarships that are open on a national level:

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc.

The CHCI is an institution that funds Hispanics through scholarships. They are a leading non-profit charitable organization. Their scholarship program is meant for Hispanics that have displayed a history of public service within their communities. Rather than focusing on standardized test scores and grade point averages, the CHCI uses the student’s past leadership performance to help make its decision. Some of the other factors that the CHCI take into consideration are:

1. The student must be suffering from financial hardship

2. The student must be enrolled in an accredited community college, four-year university or a graduate program

3. The student must be a legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States

4. The student must be a strong communicator with excellent writing skills

First in My Family Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Sallie Mae Fund in an effort to increase college access for America’s students. Since 2001, the Sallie Mae Fund has awarded more than $15 million in scholarships to more than 6,400 students.

The Hispanic College Fund has teamed up with the Sallie Mae Fund to offer the First in My Family Scholarship. The group this scholarship targets are Hispanics who are the first person in their family to attend college. The students must also demonstrate a financial need. The scholarship covers tuition, books, travel costs and other various financial hardships that the student may experience during her studies.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be a legal resident or citizen of the United States. The student must go to college full-time. It is also necessary for the student to have a grade point average of at least 3.0 to be considered. The amount of this scholarship usually ranges from between $500 and $5,000.

The following are scholarships that are available in different geographic regions of the United States:

New York

100 Hispanic Women’s Young Latinas Leadership Institute

The 100 Hispanic Women was founded in 1996. Their goal is to help guide Latinas towards being excellent leaders. To be considered for this scholarship, the student must be enrolled in a four-year college full-time in New York. Their grade point average must be a minimum of 3.0 to qualify. The scholarship is primarily for students who are entering college as a freshman. The YLLI has awarded over $150,000 in scholarships during its history.


Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE)

This is a graduate fellowship program that is intended for residents of Texas that are pursuing studies in a graduate school or a community college. Two fellowships are awarded by TACHE. One fellowship is intended for students who intend to get a four-year or graduate degree. The other fellowship is reserved for students who intend to go to a community college.

To be considered, students must have one parent who is fully Hispanic or both parents need to be half Hispanic. Students also need to be enrolled in college full-time in a degree-seeking program. A minimum of a 3.0 grade point average is necessary to qualify. The student must also write a personal statement that is two pages long. The student must discuss their financial studies, socioeconomic background and other factors that would prevent them from getting a college education.


Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund

This scholarship is designed specifically for Hispanic students residing in Florida. It is based on the cumulative grade point average of the student. It is a need-based scholarship. However, graduating high school seniors generally get top priority. In order to be considered, the student must be a resident of Florida with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average. The student can not be in default on any student loans. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Graduate students need a minimum of nine credit hours per semester.

This list of scholarships for Hispanic women is just a beginning. As we find additional opportunities we plan on posting them here so please visit our site again.

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Scholarships For African American Women Tue, 09 Jul 2013 23:15:46 +0000 It’s been said that a lack of money should never keep an otherwise willing student from attending college. Unfortunately, that’s usually easier said than done. But the truth is that if you are an African American woman there are college scholarships –lots of them– that have been established just for you. Thanks to the Internet, they are easy to find. And if you’re still having a problem finding them, ask your school’s scholarship resource officer for help. Otherwise, the list below of scholarships for African American women will get you started.

Edward S. Roth Manufacturing Engineering Scholarships. App. Deadline: Feb 1, Annually. If you are seeking a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering from an ABET-accredited school, you could be eligible for this award, which can be used for books, fees, and other expenses. Preferred recipients are minority students based on need.

National Association of Black Journalists Scholarship Programs. App. Deadlines: Varies. The NABJ awards scholarships to students interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Annually, awards total more than $ 30,000.

Ohio Newspapers Foundation Minority Scholarship. App. Deadline: March 31. This annual scholarship is awarded to a high school senior who is enrolled as a freshman at an Ohio college or university. The successful recipient will have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be planing a career in journalism.

Stan Beck Fellowship. App. Deadline: July 1. This annual award is presented to graduate or undergraduate students who are studying entomology at a college or university in the United States, Mexico or Canada. The Successful recipient will be awarded the scholarship based on need, whether that need is economic, minority, physical limitation, or others.

Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grants. App. Deadline: Varies. Eligible recipients of these grants are Wisconsin residents who are minority undergraduates. Students must also be enrolled in tribal, independent, or a Wisconsin technical college.

Augustana College Diversity Scholarships. App. Deadline: Varies. Eligible students are members of minority groups. Scholarships range from $ 1,000 to $ 5000, and can be renewed every year.

Surety Industry Scholarship Program for Minority Students. App. Deadline: Varies. Provides up to $ 2,500 to minority students in their studies of insurance/risk management, accounting, or business/finance. The awards are made to encourage students in a career of the surety industry.

George A. Strait Minority Scholarships. App. Deadline: April 1. This annual scholarship is awarded to minority students with law library experience. Applicants must also be enrolled in an accredited library or law school who plan a career in law librarianship.

Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship Program. App. Deadline: March 1. If you want to pursue a career as a preschool, elementary, or secondary school teacher and are of African American heritage, you may qualify for up to a $ 5,000 per year scholarship to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, or commuter costs.

RTNDA Ed Bradley Broadcast Journalism Scholarship. App. Deadline: May 31. This scholarship has been awarded since 1994, in memory of 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley. Recipients must be enrolled in college with one full year remaining.

ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Scholarship. App. Deadline: May 15. This scholarship was created to assist women and minorities who are pursuing degrees leading to careers in computer and video gaming industries. There was 30 awards eligible for application.

Indiana CPA Society Diversity Summit Scholarship. App. Deadline: June 7. INCPAS presents these scholarships to minority students who are leaders and wish to pursue a career in accounting or business.

Woods Hole Undergraduate Fellowships for Minorities. App. Deadline: Feb 15. This annual scholarships is presented to minority students who wish to pursue a career in the marine sciences, oceanographic engineering, or marine policy.

Despite what some might believe, the list of scholarships and grants available to African American women is long. Further, many of the available scholarships go unawarded since they are not generally known of. For more information about these and many more financial aid opportunities, students should speak with their scholarships office. At the end of the day, there are tons of available scholarships for African American women. Make sure you apply as there is funding available.

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Free Grants For Women Tue, 09 Jul 2013 10:11:10 +0000 Financing Your Future: Free Grants for Women

Earning a college degree can be extremely expensive. The cost of tuition has steadily increased over the years. Every year, many potential students wonder how they will able to finance their future. Fortunately, there are several resources available to help with this problem. Many companies and charitable organizations provide grants and scholarships to those in need. While these opportunities are available to everyone, there are grants that are specifically awarded to deserving women. Here are a few examples of ways that women of all ages can receive help paying for their college education. These free grants for women are easy to apply for so make sure you take the opportunity to do so.

The Business and Professional Women’s Association

Unfortunately, there are still areas within this country where minorities are constantly overlooked. This is especially true for minority women. The Business and Professional Women’s Association considers the financial needs of these students as well. This organization provides funds for non-traditional women who wish to advance their career. Non-traditional refers to women with certain responsibilities or circumstances, such as single mothers. Overall, they have awarded over $6 million to nearly 8,000 women in financial need. Qualified students should apply before April 15 in order to meet their deadline.

The Davis Program at Wellesley College

Wellesley College in Massachusetts is one of the most prestigious female schools in the country. For many years, they have been known for their promotion of sisterhood and women’s rights. It is also a very inclusive college. They welcome women from all backgrounds and are intensely proactive about providing financial aid. The Davis Program was designed especially for older women who wish to continue their education.

The American Association of University Women

The American Association of University Women is a common choice among women in need of funding for college. This group is dedicated to the advancement of under-privileged women, including minorities. The AAUW provides grants for those pursuing a degree in necessary, but overlooked careers, such as teaching and science. One example of their financial opportunities is the coveted Selected Professions Fellowship. This grant presents selected candidates with funds ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant

Historically, men have dominated any career involving science and technology. The mission of this grant program is to change this. Every year, they assist female sophomore and junior students with an interest in math and science. However, there are strict requirements in order to qualify for this grant. Applicants are expected to have superior grades and plans to enter a career in a related field.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation

This foundation was started by the close friends of Jeannette Rankin, a proud advocate of women’s rights. It was their way of honoring her passion and dedication. The start-up money for this prominent organization was provided by the late Jeannette Rankin herself. When she died, she left a portion of her estate to help older, out-of work women. Instead of distributing this money immediately, her friends and associates decided to turn it into a gift that keeps giving. Since 1976, they have awarded nearly $ 2 million to over 700 admirable women. Desired applicants are women over the age of 35 who come from low-income families.

Of course, these free grants for women were only the tip of the iceberg. Women have made great strides in this country, and many would like to see these achievements progress far into the future. Statistically, more women are more likely to complete their undergraduate degrees than men. Therefore, these grants are more than a gift; they are an investment. Grants and grant-based programs are operated by both public and private organizations. With a little time and effort, you can find many more groups willing to assist women with their plans for the future.

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College Scholarships for Women Mon, 08 Jul 2013 22:07:56 +0000 More women than ever before are attending college today. Whether it’s a recent high school graduate on campus or a senior citizen returning to finish a degree started years earlier, college is becoming a popular destination for women of all ages. Unfortunately, as more women arrive on campus they are facing extraordinarily high tuition costs, as schools continue to raise rates to bring in much-needed revenue. The good news is that there are numerous scholarships available to women of all ages, ethnic groups and areas of study.

In years past, women went to college to become either teachers or nurses. However, today’s modern woman can go as far as her dreams and talent will take her, no matter the career. Just as women can choose from any number of careers, there are scholarships and grants available in practically any field of study. For example, cosmetic corporation Maybelline offers scholarships through its Maybelline Opportunities Through Education program. Open to high school juniors and seniors in the United States, it awards money based on the best essays which tell of a compelling personal experience. Also, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation offers scholarships to women ages 35 or older who are low-income and pursuing a vocational or technical degree, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in beauty or a related field.

Mothers who wish to return to school can take advantage of a number of scholarships. Many are available for those who are single parents, victims of domestic violence or mothers of twins. Some of the best ones include the ROSE scholarship and the Capture the Dream scholarship. The ROSE scholarship, which stands for “regaining one’s self-esteem,” is aimed at survivors of domestic violence in the Northeastern United States who are wanting to attend college in the New England region. The Capture the Dream scholarship, designed for single parents and minority students in California, offers those parents struggling to balance family life with work and education a chance to get some help. Awarded based on such criteria as community service, academic history, leadership and strong professional recommendations from teachers, employers, clergy and others make this a very attractive opportunity for those who qualify. These college scholarships for women can really go a long way in defraying the costs associated with going to school.

Scholarships and grants are also available to women interested in careers in fields where women have been under-represented, such as engineering, math and computer science. One of the best opportunities for financial assistance comes from the American Association of University Women, who offer Professional Fellowships to women interested in these fields. The groups also awards fellowships to women of color interested in careers where they have been under-represented including Business Administration, Law and Medicine. Women interested in fine arts can look to the Blanche E. Colman Foundation for assistance. Annual grants are awarded to women who show exceptional talent in painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. Eligibility for these grants is limited to women who have already completed their formal education, yet show great promise in the afore-mentioned areas. Those seeking a chance to become the next great chef can earn financial awards from the Culinary Institute of America, or CIA. No, there’s no spying involved in getting this money, so long as one has a minimum 3.2 GPA and high SAT scores.

For women who think life begins at age 50 or above, the AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship program is eager to offer assistance to those wanting a better life. Priority is given to female military veterans, those unemployed for more than one year, women raising children of other family members and ones in dead-end jobs with no room to advance. Money can be used for tuition, fees, books and mentoring services, with the deadline for applications being March 30th of each year with awards being dispersed in June. So no matter a woman’s circumstances, there are a wide array of grants and scholarships available to give them a helping hand while fulfilling the dream of higher education.

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College Grants For Women Mon, 08 Jul 2013 09:04:17 +0000 There are many college grants awarded to women today. These are financial awards that allow women to pursue a higher education. The major advantage of getting this kind of award is that in most cases, they will not have to be paid back. These grants are received from the government or through several philanthropy foundation awards. There is a process to follow for women to receive these awards.

An application must be filled out for the grant which then goes through a rigid screening process. Because the screening process takes a while to complete, it is a good idea to turn your application in as soon as you can and plan for a long delay. First, you must decide on the college grant you wish to pursue. Either way, if you intend to use the funds for your graduate or undergraduate studies, you should get the process started as soon as possible. It is more important to start early if you need this money to fund your schooling. Most college grants for women are very easy to apply for so you shouldn’t hesitate to get those applications completed.

Most college and school grants are renewed annually. Just because you are approved for a grant one year does not mean that you are approved for the next year. Consequently, it is a good idea for you to keep up with your schools specific policy concerning their grants so that you do not miss any important deadlines. In fact, you should always check periodically with your financial aid office throughout the year to see if there have been any changes.

One of the problems many industries face is not enough women to represent them. This is why colleges offer grants for women who pursue studies in a variety of fields.

Women who have an interest majoring in mathematics or science should think about applying for the Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant. The grant is used for juniors and sophomore and is awarded to those who will further their education in a graduate program.

Another good college grant to think about is the Ford Foundation’s Pre-doctoral Fellowship for Minorities. This scholarship helps support women and minorities working on their graduate degree in science and engineering. This program helps promote advancement of minorities and women in these fields.

Accounting is another field that does not feature as many women as it does men. The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting offers a grant for women who pursue their studies in this area. Grants for women studying in this area with a financial need should check with the American Society of Women Accountants.

The field of recreation is one that women can receive grants for as well. The National Recreation and Park Association offers grants for those women interested in receiving their major in parks recreation management and several other areas in recreation.

The reason so many college grants for women are offered today is because they want to encourage women to focus on different fields of work. Today, more businesses and industries are looking for women they can place in senior management positions within their company. The United States Government encourages workplace diversity by encouraging women to get their degrees and further their education and career.

College grants for minority groups and women have risen a bit due to the rising costs of education today. In fact, being a woman actually qualifies you for grants that other people will not qualify for. Another great benefit of receiving these grants is that you will not be stuck with piles of education loans to pay back once you graduate. The goal should always be to pay for your education using as many grants as you possibly can. Try researching online for other sources of college scholarships and grants to help you get through school without paying for it.

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Graduate Scholarships For Women Sun, 07 Jul 2013 21:09:31 +0000 Both undergraduate and graduate education has become more accessible and open to women students over the last few decades. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more women have entered into graduate programs between 2009-2010 then they did between 1999-2000. Between 2009-2010, 60 percent of master’s degree seekers were women compared to 58 percent in 1999-2000. For doctorate degrees, women made up 52 percent of doctorate seekers between 2009-2010 compared to 46 percent between 1999-2000. As more and more of the top schools have gone co-ed, it is not surprising seeing the top and best graduates from the Ivy League schools, top liberal arts colleges, law and business schools be women. Nevertheless, any student may face financial difficulties attending college, particularly graduate school. For this reason we have compiled information on graduate scholarships for women that we think you will find useful.
Graduate school is an unique opportunity for many female students since it opens up degree-holding women with further professional opportunities. This may include a law degree, a business degree, a master’s degree, a medical degree, or a doctorate. These degree programs can be time and financial investments for many women, especially since many graduate students may have to balance employment and family responsibilities, or student debt from undergraduate. That is why there are several scholarship programs for female graduate students.

Common graduate scholarships geared toward women are often focused on specific fields of study. The fields of study that are targeted are often known for having a low amount of female graduates or female workers in the particular industry. For example, the science, technology, and engineering field (STEM), is often focused on for having a low amount of female workers in it. Therefore, there are scholarships like the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship, which provides scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 for female graduate students in the STEM fields. Another field of study focused scholarship is the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. This scholarship is for female graduate students who are earning a business graduate degree. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Other graduate scholarships for women include the SWE Scholarship Program. This program is applicable to undergraduate, as well as graduate students. Women who are eligible for these scholarships must be studying in fields like computer science, engineering technology, or general engineering. The scholarship program is a grant program and graduate students receive the grants in the summer before their academic year begins. Another scholarship program is the Ladies of the Podium Scholarship. This annual scholarship, which can be for undergraduate or graduate students, is for female students studying music education. The program includes four scholarships that are each worth $500. The Women in Service to Appalachia Scholarship is a $500 scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students who have an extensive history of community service. There is also the American Association of University Women scholarships. This organization is a grassroots organization that has helped women access higher education for over 130 years. The organization provides multiple scholarships for female graduate students.

Some graduate women scholarships are geographically-based. The Southern Automotive Women’s Forum Scholarship is a scholarship that female graduate students can apply for if they attend an university in the South. The scholarship is for any woman that can demonstrate their graduate education is geared toward becoming a professional in the automotive industry. The degree programs can be in any field of study, like engineering or computing. Another geographically-based scholarship includes the Women’s Transportation Seminar Scholarships. This program is for women graduate students in Colorado and Wyoming who are studying programs like civil engineering, finance, or construction management with concentrations or interests in transportation. Two scholarships from the program equal to $4,000.

As more women enter academia to advance their careers and professional skills, scholarship funds for female graduate students will be available to many students. These programs can help many women gain access and pay for the education they need to become active members of the workforce and the business, legal, or engineering leaders the country needs in the future.

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Grants For Minority Women Sun, 07 Jul 2013 09:55:30 +0000 Billions of dollars are given away every year to women just like you. The money comes from several different sources, not just state and federal agencies. Many private foundations and corporations also have grant money to give away to those that qualify. It is common knowledge this money is available, but most people don’t know where to get an application or if they even qualify. Researching and applying for a grant can be very confusing but don’t be disheartened, it could be your turn next to receive a grant and you would never know if you don’t try.

Timing Is Important

Grant amounts can vary year to year, depending on funds available, and also the time of year applications are accepted. It’s very important to make sure of the date your application is due, and when the money is expected to be distributed. Some believe that grant money is given away only on certain days of the year. This may be true of some sources, but depending on eligibility, there are grants possible throughout the year.

Get Your Share With The Help of USA Grant Applications

We have all seen our government help big business and even banks out of a bind, and the money is there to help a woman like you as well. If you meet the criteria your application will be considered, and chances are very good you will have the grant you need. USA Grant Applications exists to help women like you find and apply for a grant. Mistakes on applications can be costly, it’s worth the time to make sure you have it right.

Grants For Minority Women Are Available For Almost Anything

It doesn’t matter if you want to further your education, start a business, or maybe you have an invention you need money to develop. It doesn’t stop there either, the money is out there for many things including but not limited to: real estate ventures, historical building restorations, research, and many more. Don’t put this off, there may be someone else getting ready to turn in their application right now that meets all the criteria and if they are approved, that’s less money left in the program for you. If you meet the criteria as well, chances are you will have what you need to meet your goals.

Your current financial position has no bearing on whether you qualify for a grant or not. There is no collateral required, security deposits, co-signers, or credit checks, and even a bankruptcy will not disqualify you. Remember though, government grants are not intended to cover personal expenses or clearing a debt. There are other assistance programs available that may be able to help with those issues.

It’s Not As Hard As It May Sound

A large part of government grant money is already set aside especially to help women and further the plan to stimulate minority groups. A good place to start your research is the local library or go online to find a wealth of information on the subject. Every state government grants money by category, and you will need a directory to find current, complete listings of the different government agencies. Consider this directory your road map to getting the grant you need. It’s that important in finding out where you need to go or what you need to do first.

The importance of research can’t be stressed enough.  There are a multitude of grants for minority women available. It is up to you to do your research, apply for as many grants as you can, and get approved. We plan on adding to this page often as we find new grant opportunities so please do visit us again.

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Business Grants For Women Sat, 06 Jul 2013 17:49:13 +0000 Having business capital can mean the difference between a successful business and a business that closes in five years. One of the ways to get capital for a business start up is through applying for grant funding. The great thing about grants is that in most cases the awarded funds are not repaid like a loan, as long as you follow the conditions of the grant program. Although searching for grants can be an arduous task, there are many grant opportunities available for disadvantaged groups such as women. Here, we discuss the various business grants for women that are available, how to find them, and how to apply for them.

One place you may want to begin you search is with the SBA’s Office of Women’s Bussines Ownership site. This site provides information to help you in your search for grant opportunities and other opportunities to help you grow your business. If you are operating a woman owned non-profit organization you may be eligible for the SBA’s Women’s Business Center Grant . Through this grant the SBA awards up to $136,514 to women owned non-profits and it can only award up to 4 grants to eligible organizations. You should also contact a representative at the SBA and set up an appointment to talk with them about you business goals. The SBA provides one on one assistance with business owners to assess their needs. They also have a loan and grants search tool that provides information about grant opportunities.

You can also find almost every federal grant opportunity by conducting a search on This site provides comprehensive information about how to apply and the eligibility requirements for each grant. Every year this site provide information on over 1,000 grant opportunities which total over $500 billion in possible awards.

Also, contact your state business administrative offices to locate grant opportunities. Most states offer grants to disadvantaged groups such as women and minorities to start a business or expand their current business. A great way to find these opportunities is to conduct a search using your state name and business grants for women. You should see results for any state agency providing grants and also any private entities in your state offering grants for women may turn up in your search.

The library is a also a great place to find books on grant opportunities. There have been many books written about grant for starting or expanding a businesses. Not to mention the fact that it cost you nothing to go to your local library and check out a book.

Aside from contacting government organizations for grants, there are many non-profit organizations that offer grants for start-up and expansion. Non-profits are often a great source for grant opportunities because they spend a lot of time raising money for their programs and they usually are dedicated to giving back to local businesses. Here are a few grants from private organizations:

The National Association for the Self Employed offers a Growth Grant . Through this grant NASE provides up to $5,000 to an eligible business.

Eileen Fisher offers grants in the amount of $12,500 to businesses wholly owned by women and women focused businesses.

peaChic offers a $500 grant that can be used for expenses such as building a website, obtaining business supplies or equipment, and other items necessary for your business.

Once you have determined which grant you want to apply for, write a solid business plan. Your business plan will assist the granting organization in determining what your company’s goals are and provide projections for the future of your company as well as its current status. This is not only important for the granting organization but it is important for you to be able to map out your next steps for you business.

Fill out the application completely. Make sure to provide all of the documents that are requirement in the application. Many applications are denied for being incomplete. Also make sure to keep your contact information up to date to be able to answer any questions or clarify and information in your application. As you have seen there are plenty of business grants for women available. We hope you have found this a valuable resource. We will be adding to this page often so please visit us again.

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